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Best Upcoming Laptops,2018 – Rumors, Features

Best Upcoming Laptops – 2018

If you see the graph of The sell of Desktops against Laptops, we will get to know that sell of the laptop is increasing day by day. That dosen’t mean the sell of desktop computer has been fallen down. But the growth of sell of Laptops is increasing faster than the desktop computers. Look at the graph shown below :

According to me 2017 was the golden year for the Laptop users. We have seen many good functional laptops in 2017. Most of them are quality plus quantity good products.

2018 again will be the surprising and interesting year for the laptops lover. According to the sources below are the upcoming laptops of year 2018. There must be a different between the pictures and names of the laptops, But most of the information is true and you can blindly trust this information.

I have given expected price, release date and specifications of the laptops.


Acer Swift 8

I think that the more thinner is the laptop the more it looks beautiful and feel beautiful to use. Acre swift 8 is the thinnest laptop ever manufacture. Thickness of the laptop is 9.98 mm !!

The laptop comes with the Black and Gold aluminium unibody design. laptop screen have a protection of corning gorilla glass. That means this laptop is tough yet it looks beautiful and thin.

The laptop battery gives a battery backup of 9 hours which is generally seems in all quality laptops.

The sources have said that laptop will run of the 7th generation Intel core i5 processor. The laptop shows a 3 times more faster wireless with 2*2 802.11 ac with MU-MIMO.

For the people who don’t know what is MU-MIMO is : Multi-user MIMO (MUMIMO) is a set of multiple-input and multiple-output technologies for wireless communication, in which a set of users or wireless terminals, each with one or more antennas, communicate with each other.

Rest of the specification of the Acer Swift 8 will be similar to the Acer Swift 7 (Approximately).

Best Upcoming Laptops – 2018


Lenovo Yoga X2

Lenovo yoga X2 is another upcoming laptops or rather we can say it is a upcoming yoga book by Lenovo.

Yogabooks are always known for their drawing capabilities. Lenovo yoga X2 will give you an amazing experience while drawing. This laptop will comes with the 2048 pressure level with real pen. You can draw like a pro on this laptop. You can digitize your paper notes with real pen with ink.

We know that how faster we can type onscreen on the mobiles. Lenovo Yoga X2 comes with the hollow keyboard with haptic feedback. You can type more faster now with this keyboard. This keyboard provides you a predictive input and auto correct options like the mobile keyboards. So it will be really helpful and easier to type now.

The Lenovo yoga X2 comes with the full HD IPS display so you can watch the high resolution videos on this laptop. Also this yogabook comes with dolby ATMOS so you can imagine how beautiful audio experience will be on Yoga x2.

You can expect the similar but upgraded specifications on this laptop like older yoga x.

Best Upcoming Laptops – 2018





HP never fails to provide a good looking and good performing laptops. When I look at the OMEN HP laptops it reminds me of Predator laptop in terms of design. The laptops looks so beautiful and connected to the future.

OMEN HP 16 have the superb thermal management with 6 cell 62 WH.

This laptops gives you the best visual experience because of it’s 4K IPS display. The laptop comes with the HP audio boost which is audio custom-tuned with band and olufsen.

The laptops experience us the faster and smoother performance because of Intel Quad Core Processor. It combines with the NVIDIA GTX graphics.

The look of the laptop will unleash your potential. HP have used Intel Realsense technology for 3D Dragon Red backlit keyboard.

Best Upcoming Laptops – 2018




ASUS Zenbook 4

ASUS Zenbook 4 is good looking laptop with high quality of performance. The laptop comes with 2 Stage Anodize Edge Chamfers with premium golden highlights.

Laptop have the finish of AeroSpace grade alloy. The laptop is so thin and light weight. The weight of laptop is just 910 g which is lesser than even 1 Kg.

The Display of laptop id of very good quality. It comes with the slim bezel. Asus zenbook 4 comes with Quad speakers surrounded sound.

Touchpad of the laptop is of very good quality. Is is high precision glass touchpad. Asus have given a fingerprint sensor on this touchpad. So you can login to your laptop with one touch fingerprint.

Talking about the keyboard of the laptop, it is a Ergonomic Full size backlit keyboard. The laptop comes in different colors like Premium Royal Blue and Elegant Rose gold and sophisticated Quartz Gray.

The ASUS Zenbook 4 powered by Intel Core i7 Processor. With addition to it it have Ultra fast PCIE *4 SSD and 16 GB RAM at 2133 mHz. This is all combine fitted into super fine 0.3 mm Super thin thermal Design.

There are the highlights of the laptop. Other specification are still not revel out.

Best Upcoming Laptops – 2018



Dell XPS 14

Dell XPS 14 is the most expected and awaited upcoming laptops of year 2018.

The laptop comes with the 2 Lanes. Also it have PCI express Gen 3 with 40 GBPS Bi-Directional.

XPS 14 runs on Windows 10 Operating system. It have Intel’s 7Th generation i7-7700HQ. It is a Quad core processor with 6M  cache upto 3.8 gHz.

This Laptop gives us a amazing video quality experience. It is a 4k display of 15.6” with a resolution of 3840*2160. This display also have IGZO panel, 10 point multi touch.

ASUS XPS 14 come with the graphics of NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 with 4 GB of DDR5 RAM.

XPS 14 have 1 TB of SSD (Samsung PM961 NVME).

The laptop have massive ram of 32 GB ! It is a DDR4-2400HMZ RAM.

So above are the most expected laptops of 2018. If you have any suggestions or know more about upcoming laptops please comment below.

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