Jio Records 21.8Mbps 4G Download Speed in November, TRAI Data Shows

Jio Records 21.8Mbps 4G Download Speed in November

Reliance Jio 4G download speed was 21.8Mbps in November, shows data on telecom regulator TRAI’s MySpeed app. This is marginally less than the highest-ever download speed registered by Jio in October, 21.9Mbps. It is more than twice the next highest 4G download speed on the MySpeed app, 9.9Mbps by Vodafone. Jio has consistently been on the top of the download charts since the TRAI app was launched late last year on the back of its pan-India 4G-only network. All four major telecom operators in the country saw an increase in their 4G upload speeds over the previous month as well

4G download speeds in India

As mentioned above, Jio led the pack in November with 21.8Mbps download speed, followed by Vodafone at 9.9Mbps. The next spot is occupied by Airtel, which delivered 4G download speed of 9.3Mbps. Idea rounded up the list with 8.1Mbps speed. This is shuffle over the previous month, when Idea Cellular was at the third position and Airtel at fourth. In fact, the 4G download speed for Airtel increased rather noticeably, from 7.5Mbps to 9.3Mbps, in a month. As an aside, BSNL will start offering 4G services in January next year, and Vodafone will roll out its VoLTE services the same month.

4G upload speeds in India

There was no reshuffle in the order when it comes to upload speeds between October and November. Idea continues to offer the highest 4G upload speeds in the country at 7.1Mbps, followed by 6.2Mbps for Vodafone. Jio and Airtel are a fair distance behind them with 4.9Mbps and 3.9Mbps 4G upload speeds, respectively. The Idea, Vodafone, Jio and Airtel upload speeds in October were 6.4Mbps, 5.9Mbps, 4.1Mbps, and 3.5Mbps, respectively.

TRAI collects and computes data download speed with the help of its MySpeed application on a real-time basis. The app was launched late last year to allow the telecom regulator to monitor and publish network speeds on a monthly basis, with the data crowdsourced from users who have installed it on their phones.

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